Ozonated water

Water is the key ingredient for creating our products, as well as being a carrier of the active ingredients and extracts of the formulas: for this reason for years Eley has treated the water for the productions with ozone. Some studies have confirmed that ozone, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, is a valid alternative to traditional agents such as chlorine and its compounds; compared to them ozone has higher oxidising power, making it effective against a wider range of bacteria. At low concentration levels ozone is non-toxic and returns to its original form (oxygen) in a short time, without leaving residues. Its use also guarantees rapid, safe, deep-down and completely ecological sanitation, making the water microbiologically pure, in the perfect condition to actively incorporate the functional principles.

Vegan OK

The entire INSIGHT hair line is VEGAN OK certified, including the INCOLOR colouring line. This standard was established to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect for life and the environment, also in favour of those who are not vegans or vegetarians, so that such values can be a common heritage for all. Therefore, buying a product bearing the VEGAN OK logo on the label, the consumer implicitly receives a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product does not contain animal components and so it did not directly involve exploitation and killing of animals.

Organic extracts

The main functional active ingredients in our formulations are derived from organic agriculture, coming from certified crops. Combinations of naturally derived oils and butters then work in synergy with these extracts, increasing hair softness and nutrition. Selecting organic active ingredients means safeguarding the planet, protecting the workers who are part of the production chain and protecting the well-being of the final consumers.

Nickel tested

All our formulas are nickel tested, ‹ 0.5 PPM, to guarantee greater safety in case of hypersensitivity.

High percentage of natural derived ingredients

Our formulas contain a high percentage of natural derived ingredients. On average, more than 96% of the total formula is composed of raw materials of natural origin.

100% made in Italy

We like to emphasise our 100% Italian know-how: product quality is guaranteed, from the lab until delivery, in over 40 countries worldwide. A value that is a mark of distinction, perfection and style.